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Our Services

Our services focus on four key areas: investment management, retirement income planning, family estate planning, and insurance.

Investment management

Our investment management process incorporates fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis tells us what to buy. Technical analysis tells us when to buy and sell. This reduces the emotions involved with making investment decisions. We use extensive third-party research that analyzes many fundamental and technical factors, including what the market is doing overall, whether we should be on offense or defense, and where we are on the playing field. We measure clients’ risk tolerance and find out about their goals. We follow a process to help us manage the downside risk of investing and to take profits at the appropriate time. We monitor clients’ investments daily, and have regular meetings to review their portfolio and make adjustments as needed.

Retirement income planning

During our planning process, we evaluate client retirement income sources and estimate future growth. We look at all of their retirement income options from different perspectives — financial, emotional, and tax — both income and estate. Considering a myriad of different variables, we identify scenarios to help them make informed decisions about their retirement. We work diligently to protect clients’ retirement savings for their retirement years and their heirs.

Family estate planning

At some point clients and their families will want to start planning a strategy to protect what they have accumulated. Depending on their situation and desires, they may need a simple solution, such as setting up a gifting strategy. Or they may need a more complex strategy involving an estate planning attorney and/or an elder law attorney to partner with us to establish the correct trusts or wills. We maintain relationships with professionals who can assist in these matters. If the client has advisors in these areas, we are available for any needed consultation.


Having appropriate insurance is part of a successful plan. We help determine the correct ownership, right amount, and type of insurance for clients’ situation. We partner with insurance brokers for life, disability, health, and long term care insurance needs.