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What sets Tom apart from other financial professionals is his focus on investment risk management, his independence, and his years of experience through the best and worst the markets have had to offer.

Most financial professionals emphasize how assets are allocated. Few  focus on investment risk. Markets go down. Minimizing losses and reducing risk are critical to his clients’ success. Tom uses fundamental analysis and diversification tools to help minimize investment risk. When the overall market signals defense, he adjusts client portfolios accordingly.

Kijowski Investments is an independent financial services firm. Tom has chosen Cambridge Investment Research as his independent Broker/Dealer. This independence gives Tom the freedom to give you objective guidance and recommend a wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

Tom’s clients’ welfare comes first. They benefit from Tom’s systematic approach to buying, managing, and selling investments. As a fiduciary of his clients’ money, Tom has a legal obligation to put his clients’ interests ahead of his own. His honesty and integrity have created long-standing partnerships with his clients and their families.